[ESS] ESS with Cygwin and inferior-ess buffers

Patrick Connolly p_connolly at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jun 18 22:22:55 CEST 2006

On Thu, 15-Jun-2006 at 07:05PM -0400, Richard M. Heiberger wrote:

|> I suspect you have something in .emacs that is clashing.
|> It works out of the box for me with cygwin.

I notice that the cygwin Emacs is relatively old.  Perhaps it's
incapable of doing some of the things I'm used to doing in Linux.

|> Have you tried it with starting
|> emacs -q --no-site-file
|> to disable all your initializations.

To do that, I'd still have to redo most of them interactively because
they tell Emacs where R and ESS are.

Perhaps this might give an indication of what's the matter.

system("pwd") gives /cygdrive/c/path/to/folder
getwd() gives C:/path/to/folder

Even though they mean the same thing, it appears that equivalence is
not universally recognised.  Does that indicate that the installation
of R should have been "from cygwin" and not "from Windows"?


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