[ESS] tab width

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Thu Dec 21 18:09:21 CET 2006

It is not clear from your message since you didn't say where
you are using the TAB or which program you are accessing through
ESS.  I am guessing you are editing myfile.R or myfile.s.

The TAB key when editing those files does not depend on the tab-width.

The TAB key is bound to the ess-indent-command function.  You may
customize the tab width with the 
    M-x ess-set-style
function.  Enter the tab key to get the completion options.

For the specific indentation values associated with each of the
options, type
  C-h v ess-style-alist

Please read the help file for the background discussion on code
Search for 
  Indenting and formatting S code


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