[ESS] Process SAS is not running

Cameron Hooper chooper at umich.edu
Mon Nov 7 23:27:48 CET 2005

On Nov 7, 2005, at 5:16 PM, Richard M. Heiberger wrote:

> You might need to modify ess/doc/info/ess-sas-sh-command to add that
> additional parameter.  See the discussion in the ESS manual.

In ess-sas-sh-command, I replaced the following line:

sas </dev/tty 1>$stdout 2>$stderr $@


sas -nodms </dev/tty 1>$stdout 2>$stderr $@

Problem remains.

> Also, find out what else your computer center did when they changed the
> location of SAS.

They've gone home, so I'll talk to them tomorrow. Unfortunately, they 
are very windows-centric and shy away from anything to do with emacs. I 
expect their response will be to tell me to stop messing with SAS 
scripts and executables and just use SAS for PC like everybody else.


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