[ESS] [R] ESS and Emacs

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sat Dec 31 23:10:50 CET 2005

in emacs

M-x shell

this should bring up the MSDOS prompt since you probably don't have cygwin yet.

In the *shell* buffer, enter
and see what they have.  SET probably doesn't have HOME since you probably started
the emacs before you changed the environement.

Start a new MSDOS by typing cmd at the START/RUN box.

type SET and PATH there.

if they are correct, then close emacs and start it up again

If not, pick up the contents of the CMD window and the *shell* buffer
and the .emacs file and the directory in which .emacs resides (with C-x d)
and put them in the body of the email.  I don't remember if the ess-help
rejects attachments, but they are certainly discouraged.
Send it to the entire list.  someone will be listening even at this hour.

You listed "program_files" somewhere.  that is not a Windows name.
"Program Files" with a space, not an underscore, is a windows name.
"progra~1" is the 8.3 abbreviation and is the recommended form when
you are using emacs.

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