[ESS] ess and emacs installation

A.J. Rossini blindglobe at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 20:46:00 CET 2005

Here's one basic idea.   There are others.

Pick a directory.  Any directory.  Say,  C:\ESS  (you'd have to make it).

Unpack the ess-5.2.11.zip package under that directory.  So, you've got

C:\ESS\ess-5.2.11\      with lots of subdirectories.

Now, you need to figure out your home directory.              Start up XEmacs.

Open up your init.el (I think there is an option under "options" or
"help" to do that.

If there isn't an option, load file        ~/.emacs

(i.e. M-x find-file

or   use the "open file" button)

Having done that, add the following line to the .emacs file:

(load-file "C:\ESS\ess-5.2.11\lisp\ess-site.el")

You might have to fix the backslashes to forwardslashes.  Or something
like that.

Now,   M-x load-file    ~/.emacs


and everything should work.   Hopefully.   Tell us what you did,
EXPLICITLY, and we can debug from there.   (yes, every friggin'
detail, it does help -- esp since I'm second guessing from a strangely
configured debian laptop).

On 12/30/05, Mark Leeds <Mleeds at kellogggroup.com> wrote:
> If someone could help me, I would
> REALLY appreciate it because I
> have gone through 2 days of trying
> to install Ess with XEmacs on NT
> and I don't want to give up
> but I have given up trying
> to figure it out on my own.
> I have downloaded XEmacs
> without a problem.
> It creates directories such as
> Program_Files\XEmacs\Packages\
> ( but it doesn't have ES bundled which
> cost me a day because I was
> reading some other older documentation
> that assumes it is bundled ).
> Then , under this folder there  is
> mule_packages
> site_packages
> xemacs_packages
> and under the xemacs_packages there is
> a lisp folder.
> When I am unzipping the ess files, what directory should
> I be unzipping them to ?  When you unzip it,
> it creates its own lisp folder also, so I think this
> where I am messing up. Or, atleast I hope this is
> where I am messing up.  I am using the EMACS Speaks
> Statistics document but it just says put it under c:\emacs and
> that definitely doesn't work for me.
> Also, if someone could clarify for me Step
> 6 on page 14 of the document ( adding the load command )
> that would be great also. that may be one of my problems also.
> Thanks again.
>                                            Mark
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