[ESS] ESS, install.packages() in R, and Windows

Henric Nilsson henric.nilsson at statisticon.se
Mon Dec 19 16:06:23 CET 2005


On Må, 2005-12-19, 15:50, Pfaff, Bernhard Dr. skrev:

>> Can other windows users repeat this?
> I can confirm that "library(tcltk)" is needed. I started R in emacs(21.3,
> ESS 5.2.11) using C-u M-x R and provided as option (--internet2) due to
> our
> proxy-connection.
> Without "library(tcltk)" the package installation hangs, otherwise it runs
> through smoothly.

Please try issuing a `windows()' before `install.packages()' -- it works
here, and seems to me as a better solution (since the tcltk package isn't
really needed).


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