[ESS] ESS, install.packages() in R, and Windows

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Mon Dec 19 13:23:34 CET 2005

 > I'm using Emacs (CVS 2005-12-14), ESS 5.2.11 and R 2.2.0 under
 > Windows 2000.
 > If I do a `install.packages()', `packageStatus()' or something similar
 > that spawns a window, the process just hangs. However, if I've
 > "initialized" R first by e.g. `chooseCRANmirror(graphics = FALSE)' or
 > `plot(0, 0)' everything works nicely.
 > Is this a well-known problem, or is it just me? I've browsed through the
 > ESS manual and the archived ESS-bugs postings, but came up empty-handed.

This sounds new to me.  When you say "something similar that spawns a
window", what exactly do you mean?  Is it any Tk-type window, as
opposed to a plot window (since plot(0,0) solves your problem!)


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