[ESS] starting R with options

Michael Wolosin msw10 at duke.edu
Fri Dec 16 20:58:14 CET 2005

All -

First, I am a rather novice user of Emacs in general, and ESS 
specifically.  I am using XEmacs-21.4.13 and ESS 5.2.3 on a Windows 2000 
machine, using the init.el file that John Fox kindly provided for this sort 
of setup.

I would like to set an option when R loads to make more memory 
available.  If I'm running Rgui.exe directly, I can just set the Target: 
line in a shortcut to be something like:
"C:\Program Files\R\R-2.2.0\bin\Rgui.exe" --max-mem-size=402653184

Is there any way to modify the init.el, or one of the ESS sources where R 
is started to add this type of option when it starts rterm.exe?  I don't 
speak lisp, so it would have to be pretty simple.

Thanks so much in advance,


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