[ESS] Help for setting up Xemacs, ESS and ??? on Windows

chinfo chinfo at zju.edu.cn
Fri Dec 16 12:31:35 CET 2005

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Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 15:38:51 +0800

dear sir/madam:
as a biostatisticisan in a hospital I would like to merge my s-mode stata-mode and
sas-mode into a single XEmacs package for statistical programming.
i have installed the following packages in my computer but i failed to work well
in one XEmacs programming mode.

windows xp



could you please help me installing and mergeing them into one XEmacs editing
package step by step.thanks a lot.


jim liang

zhu gan xiang 57#
statistics center
children's hospital
zhejiang university school of medicine
Hangzhou Zhejiang province
P.R.China 310003

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