ess-emacs-5.2.2 rpms available

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Mon Sep 20 15:03:41 CEST 2004

> I DO wish I knew how to fix the make process in ESS in order to make
> package creation more standard.  The big problem I see is that the
> prefix option to make install is ignored. If you do
> make prefix=/tmp/ess install
> it just ignores the prefix and tries to install according to the
> settings in the Makefile.
> same happens if you try the newer style
> make DESTDIR=/tmp/ess install

I thought I answered this in an earlier thread.  It's PREFIX rather 
than prefix.  It's not documented, but
I assumed that people would just look at Makefile and especially 
Makeconf.  There used to be alot
of packages that used PREFIX for make install w/o GNU autotools and 
their sophistry.  However,
such packages are getting to be a rarity.  Of course, all ESS needs to 
know about is the emacs installation.
However, we could probably add DESTDIR as an alias or maybe some docs.  
What a radical concept!

Thanks, Rodney

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