Some simple functions for ESS and Sweave

Patrick Drechsler patrick.drechsler at
Sat Sep 18 22:47:10 CEST 2004

david whiting wrote on 01 Sep 2004 13:55:52 MET:

> I have written some very simple elisp functions that I have
> found useful and thought others might like to see.

Thanks for sharing this!

Since I don't have any elisp skills at all I was wondering if
it's difficult to implement the following features:

1) When calling ess-makeSweave/Latex it would be nice to see if
   an error or warning has occured (similar to AUCTeX's
   compilation process).

2) ess-makeLatex could be enhanced by checking cross-references
   (similar to the SweaveMakefile).

3) probably a newbie mistake: when I include figures using
   something like `<<foo,fig=T>>=' they are all displayed while
   Sweaving (`M-n s'). Is there a way to supress this?

4) is there a way of making preview-latex aware of chunks
   including tables created with the Hmisc package and the latex
   command? I've read a thread here that it wouldn't be too
   difficult including pics but there not really being a need for
   this feature (at least for plots).

Please don't get me wrong -- I don't want to appear ungratful
towards all of your efforts. I've only been using the combo
R/ESS/Sweave/AUCTeX for a few weeks now. But I'm already starting
to grow accustomed to it because it's saving me a lot of time ;-)


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