[ESS] Dumping functions with C-c C-d in R 2.0.0 has new "feature"

Patrick Connolly p.connolly at hortresearch.co.nz
Thu Oct 28 01:34:29 CEST 2004

On Wed, 27-Oct-2004 at 08:37AM +0200, Martin Maechler wrote:


|> Particularly, I'm pretty sure that if you 
|> (setq inferior-ess-dump-command 
|>       "dump(\"%s\", file=\"%s\", control=\"useSource\")\n")
|> you'll be happy -- for functions --- no attributes will be shown
|> in your dump buffer. 
|> {You may be very unhappy though when dumping other objects;
|>  you can just about forget to dump data frames with this setting
|>  and C-c C-d}
|> Note that you actually should use *customize* to change this
|> emacs variable instead of doing it directly.
|> The quickest way to customize it, is to type
|>  C-h v inferior-ess-dump-command 
|>  opens a *Help* buffer which 2nd-to-last line
|>  `` You can customize this variable ''
|>  where the 'customize' is underlined and "clickable" (middle button)
|>  and leads you directly to the proper customize buffer.

Thank you for the tip.  It certainly did the trick.  Data frames turn
up as simple lists, but that's pretty easy to live with.  I can
customize for the current session on the odd occasion when I wish to
dump dataframes.

Thanks a million.

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