[ESS] TclTk problems with tkentry()/limmaGUI under XEmacs/ESS

Andreas Quandt a.quandt at web.de
Tue Nov 30 19:40:20 CET 2004

Dear Mike,

Thank you first for the quick answer!
Few seconds before I found a solution. Unfortunatelly I did not 
understand it completely.
In later examples on http://www.sciviews.org/_rgui/ is described that 
for using of |BWidget| and |Iwidgets| packages the line 
|addTclPath("C:/Tcl/lib") should be added in the R code. I do not know 
why but the same helps in my case.
After finding this out I added ||"C:/Tcl/lib" to the PATH variable by 
myself and ran the code again but that did not help. So the setting of 
the tcl path should be not the problem or?
I guess that the code example and the limmaGUI contains some part of one 
of the named packages. But for the code example I do not know where? For 
my understanding the code example does not contain "advanced" tcltk code.
I do not understand why I have to added the line 
||addTclPath("C:/Tcl/lib") in the code? In the description of the 
example was also no hint for adding this line to the code.
So I am a little bit confused and not sure if I am doing something wrong 
or not?
I attached the code of the example and hope it helps the expeRts to help 
me again:

tt <- tktoplevel()
txt <- tktext(tt)
copyText <- function() tkcmd("event","generate",.Tk.ID(txt),"<<Copy>>")

editPopupMenu <- tkmenu(txt, tearoff=FALSE)
tkadd(editPopupMenu, "command", label="Copy <Ctrl-C>",

RightClick <- function(x,y) # x and y are the mouse coordinates
rootx <- as.integer(tkwinfo("rootx",txt))
rooty <- as.integer(tkwinfo("rooty",txt))
xTxt <- as.integer(x)+rootx
yTxt <- as.integer(y)+rooty
tkbind(txt, "<Button-3>",RightClick)

Thanks you for the quick help again.

Best regards

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