[ESS] TclTk problems with tkentry()/limmaGUI under XEmacs/ESS

Andreas Quandt a.quandt at web.de
Tue Nov 30 18:06:13 CET 2004

Dear list,

I was trying to use the tclkt package by Peter Dalgaard. Everything 
works fine only if I try to use the function tkentry() I get problems.
F.e. I tried to run the example "Edit Boxes" available on 
http://www.sciviews.org/_rgui/ or the submenu "Evaluate R code" in the 
package limmaGUI. In both cases the R process was hanging after using 
the textboxes and I had to kill the process. But the hanging only 
happens by using XEmacs/ESS not if I am using R's gui or Rxterm.exe .
In the archives of the mailing list I found some old entries  to 
problems with tcltk/ESS (2002 and earlier) but it seems to me that they 
did not offer solutions for my problem...

Currently I am working with:
-Windows XP
- XEmacs/ESS (1.10)  -> newest versions about the Windows net installer
- R 2.0.1
- ActiveTcl

So has somebody any suggestions or hints for me to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance to all.

Best regards

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