[ESS] Is there a good way to set shell variables before running S+6?

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Tue Nov 30 05:39:07 CET 2004

You can change the start-args in your site-start.el

For Windows, you can change the variables
  inferior-S+6-start-args    for the S-Plus GUI
  inferior-Sqpe-start-arg    for Sqpe running inside an emacs buffer
See file   ess/lisp/essdsp6w.el   for an example that shows the syntax.

For Unix, you can change the variable
  inferior-Splus-args        for S-Plus running inside an emacs buffer
inferior-Splus-args is a character string.

Remember to make the changes in your site-start.el.  Do not change the ESS files.


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