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Stephen Eglen stephen at
Wed Jun 30 19:53:57 CEST 2004

 > > Installing only the info files into INFODIR should be as simple as going
 > > into the doc directory and doing a "make install INFODIR=/usr/local/info"
 > Should I create that path on the right? or does that stand for a
 > particular path?  I guessed it should be where other emacs info
 > files sit, but a search for that pointed me to '/usr/info' and
 > '/usr/info/emacs-21'. Both directories contain only '.gz' files, so
 > I'm not sure that's where ess info files should go. Thanks for your
 > help.

hi Sebastian,
/usr/info should be okay (I think some info files are .gz'ipped to
save space, but should be fine).


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