5.2.1 feedback

Kasper Daniel Hansen k.hansen at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Jun 30 00:17:16 CEST 2004

On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 05:21:01PM -0400, Richard M. Heiberger wrote:
> > A last question: is it possible to view the texi files without 
> > installing them in the info hierachy, doing something like
> >  # info -f ess.texi
> > gets a complaint about texi missing the "top node"?
> Try this.  Copy the file ess/doc/info/dir back to ess/doc/dir
> Let us know if that solves the problem.  The normal behavior is
> that the dir file is read at emacs startup when the line in site-start.el or .emacs
> (add-to-list 'Info-default-directory-list "c:/emacs/ess-5.2.1/doc/info/")
> tells emacs where to look.  The dir file then places the ESS info on the *info*
> startup menu.   Maybe putting the dir file in your location will help.

Well I experimented and googled some more: it seems I had confused 
texinfo files with info files - this just shows how much I use info 

For reference purpose, I'll just state what I (think I) know now.

So in ess/doc we have a few .texi files, spec. ess.texi. This may be 
regard as a "master file", from which various formats may be 
created. Eg. pdf by doing texi2pdf ess.texi. Specifically the "info" 
format may be created - the result of which are placed in the 
ess/doc/info directory and viewed by
  info -f ess.info
Kasper Daniel Hansen, Research Assistant
Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen

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