ess-5.2.1: ess-toolbar.el does not get compiled into elc file

Robin Hankin rksh at
Tue Jun 29 11:12:47 CEST 2004

>  > thanks for this.
>  > I managed to compile ess-toolbar.el, and I can now see ess-toolbar.elc in
>  > ~/ess-5.2.1/lisp.
>  >
>  > The value of ess-icon-directory is fine too: it is
>  > ~/ess-5.2.1/etc/icons/  and I can
>  > see a few files in there like spluslogo.xpm, which is a good sign.
>  > However, restarting emacs and running M-x R  gives no nice icons like
>  > on your screenshot!
>not great!
>  > What am I missing?  How do I tell ESS to run ess-toolbar.elc?
>with the running Emacs, tell me what  the value of `features' is;
>specificially, does it have "ess-toolbar" there somewhere?

Yup:  M-x describe-variable features gives a massive list of things, 
one of which
is "ess-toolbar".

>If not, try doing "M-x load-library RET ess-toolbar RET"


Brilliant.  Thanks Stephen!

best wishes


>Also, are you editing a file foo.R == by default it should only appear
>in .R and .S files.
>thanks, stephen

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