ess-5.2.1: ess-toolbar.el does not get compiled into elc file

Robin Hankin rksh at
Tue Jun 29 10:26:53 CEST 2004

>Hi everyone.
>ESS 5.2.1 rocks!
>one slight problem, which is the toolbar.    As far as I can tell, 
>the toolbar I have
>is just the standard one.  Certainly there is no S+ logo.
>Can anyone give me a step-by-step method
>to do what Paul Johnson did and compile ess-toolbar.el, hopefully 
>getting a nice ESS toolbar?  (or, better, point me to docs that tell 
>me how to do it).
>(emacs 21.2.1; redhat linux).
>best wishes
>>thought rpm building problem was solved, but now i installed the 
>>rpm and it did not work because it can't find the etc directory and 
>>because the ess-toolbar.elc file does not exist.
>>partly, this is difficult because the Makefiles in ess do not 
>>respect the prefix assigned by the user.
>>make prefix=/tmp/ess install
>>for example, fails.  And no matter how you set prefix in Makeconf, 
>>it still tries to drop info files wherever it wants to, not 
>>relative to install directory.
>>Oh well.
>>After compiling that and installing it, I see the beautiful new 
>>toolbar additions and I think they are really great.

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