cat and ess (second questions)

Angel - angel_lul at
Wed Feb 11 09:51:44 CET 2004

In November I posted a problem I had with ess and the cat command, and 
Martin suggested a solution:
In sort if you do :
for(i in 1:10){
and Eval the buffer, the R proccess keeps wating after completing the loop 
for a valid R prompt, i.e., "> " .
Hence, if I do:
for(i in 1:10){
It evaluates correctly.
That is fine, but what if I _need_ all the "i" printed in the same line.

Martin Maechler replied to my original post:
"There is more than one kind of sending code to R;
one kind at least waits for a valid R prompt"
Is there any kind of sending code to R that doesn't wait for the valid 

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