ess on mac os 10.3.2

Jon McAuliffe jon at
Mon Feb 9 09:50:56 CET 2004


my setup is

RAqua 1.8.1
Emacs (binary from
ESS 5.1.24
OS X 10.3.2

all freshly installed.

i can run R successfully from a shell (Terminal), just by typing "R",
and i have set the PATH correctly in Emacs using an environment.plist.

at first, ESS failed to load successfully when i started emacs. i
tracked this down to the file essl-omg.el: trying to M-x load-file
it gives the error

Invalid read syntax: "?"

since i don't need omegahat, i commented out the line

(require 'essd-omg)

in ess-site.el. now ESS loads successfully.

but when i hit M-x R, i get the error message

if: Process R is not running.

as an aside, i noticed that if i run a shell inside emacs,
and just type R at the shell prompt, i get the error

Fatal error: you must specify `--save', `--no-save' or `--vanilla'

is this related?


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