.Rhistory and Rinit.el

Andreas Quandt a.quandt at web.de
Mon Aug 23 10:37:31 CEST 2004

Hello all here,

I'm new here and in the  R-community. One of my aims is it to work more 
with R, (X)Emacs/ESS in the future and of course I've some newbie 
problems to configure my work environment.
I'm using R 1.9.1 and XEmacs 21.4 as (Windows-version without cygwin). 
ESS was included in the Xemacs distribution (in my opinion version 
5.1.21). All programs are used together under Windows XP. To configure 
my workenvironment I used fox-ess-config.zip 
and "An Introduction to ESS + XEmacs for Windows Users of R" both of 
John Fox.

1) After every start XEmacs try to read the  .Rhistory  from  my  
desktop folder  but the program should use an other folder.
So I changed the working directory with 'setwd("../RFolder1091)' but it 
works only temporally and is not available after a reboot of the 
program. So my first question: How I can change the working directory 
and make it available for the first start of XEmacs/ESS?
2) I must write some R functions in the future and I would like to use 
XEmacs for their development. For more comfort (especially by printouts) 
I'll use feature like automatic line break after 73 signs or showing  
line and column numbers. I found in the internet only some descriptions 
for Changing (X)Emacs configurations under Linux but not escecially for 
XEmacs/ESS under Windows. In my opinion I must change something in the 
Rinit.el file of John FOx but I don't know what exactly I must do?

So I'm very happy if somebody can help me or give me some hints where I 
can find solutions for my problems.

best regards

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