command line arguments to R

Stephen Eglen stephen at
Thu Aug 5 12:10:57 CEST 2004

Liaw, Andy writes:
 > I had thought that setting inferior-R-args as mentioned in
 > can be used, but have not
 > been able to get it to work.  E.g., how would I always pass the
 > "--internet2" option to Rterm on Windows?

Thanks Andy; you have found an issue that we need to deal with; there
is currently no inferior-R-args variable that I can see, nor is there
is an inferior-Splus-args as the appendix might suggest.

The closest variable I could find is: 
(setq inferior-ess-start-args "-q")

but that is currently overwritten in the call to inferior-ess:

(defun inferior-ess (&optional ess-start-args)

 ...doc string says:

  "Takes the program name from the variable `inferior-ess-program'.
An initialization file (dumped into the process) is specified by
`inferior-ess-start-file', and `inferior-ess-start-args' is used to
accompany the call for `inferior-ess-program'. "

but then in the call to R, ess-start-args is normally "--no-readline"
and therefore the following line will obliterate the current value of 

      (if ess-start-args (setq inferior-ess-start-args ess-start-args))

Ess-core: my suggestion is that we change this line to something like
 (if ess-start-args 
     (setq inferior-ess-start-args 
	   (concat inferior-ess-start-args ess-start-args)))

and update the appendix so that there is no mention of
"inferior-Splus-args" if that is no longer used.


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