ESS in Windows: talk to rgui.exe?

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at
Sat Apr 24 07:00:08 CEST 2004

Paul Johnson <pauljohn at> writes:

> Why can't Emacs/ESS talk to the Rgui.exe version that is available in Windows?

ESS on Windows uses the DDE protocol to talk to the S-Plus GUI using the intermediary
emacs-21.3/bin/ddeclient.exe provided by NTemacs.  I have been told this ddeclient will
work with XEmacs as well.  Sqpe provides a dde server.  Rterm.exe does not.

NTEmacs does not provide a general client for Emacs to talk with the COM protocol.
Periodically I ask on the emacs list if anyone has one.  So far, no one has.
This is the primary protocol that Windows uses for interprocess communication.

If anyone knows Windows internals well enough to write the client for emacs, please
let me know.  I will then use it to talk to the S-Plus GUI, to Rterm, and to SAS.

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