ESS in Windows: talk to rgui.exe?

Tim Hesterberg timh at
Thu Apr 22 23:56:39 CEST 2004

I can't answer that question, but will chip in on a related topic.

My primary gripe with the combination of ESS and S+ was that I had to
choose between interacting with:
* the usual graphical interface version of S+,
  which has limited interaction with ESS
* Sqpe, which couldn't do graphics

The latest version of S+ adds graphics to Sqpe; do
to get started.  I'm happy :-)

Your students could use the free student version of S+


P.S.  If they have S+, they can use the resample library
and the "Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests" supplement
for intro stats; see

>A student just asked me a question about ESS on WIndows after I 
>installed ESS-5.1.20rc3.
>Why can't Emacs/ESS talk to the Rgui.exe version that is available in 
>windows?  I want to take advantage of the "File/Save As" feature for graphs.
>What do you think? Honestly, it never occurred to me, but it seems 
>reasonable.  Otherwise, one must just copy and paste commands from Emacs 
>into the R gui command window.
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