Release candidate (5.2.0rc3) of Emacs Speaks Statistics

Stephen Eglen stephen at
Thu Apr 22 18:32:31 CEST 2004

We are almost ready to release Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) version
5.2.  A release candidate, 5.2.0rc3, is available at:

If you know of any release-critical bugs, please report them with
Emacs using "M-x ess-submit-bug-report".  If no bugs are forthcoming,
we hope to release 5.2 next Wednesday.

Changes since 5.1.24 are listed below.

The ESS Core Team.

Changes/New Features in 5.2.0:
   * ESS[BUGS]:  new info documentation!  now supports interactive
     processing thanks to Aki Vehtari (mailto:Aki.Vehtari at; new
     architecture-independent unix support as well as support for BUGS
     v. 0.5

   * ESS[SAS]:  convert .log to .sas with ess-sas-transcript; info
     documentation improved; Local Variable bug fixes; SAS/IML
     statements/functions now highlighted; files edited remotely by
     ange-ftp/EFS/tramp are recognized and pressing SUBMIT opens a
     buffer on the remote host via the local variable
     ess-sas-shell-buffer-remote-init which defaults to "ssh"; changed
     the definition of the variable ess-sas-edit-keys-toggle to boolean
     rather than 0/1; added the function ess-electric-run-semicolon
     which automatically reverse indents lines containing only "run;";
     C-F1 creates MS RTF portrait from the current buffer; C-F2 creates
     MS RTF landscape from the current buffer; C-F9 opens a SAS DATASET
     with PROC INSIGHT rather than PROC FSVIEW; C-F10 kills all buffers
     associated with .sas program; "inferior" aliases for SAS batch:
     C-c C-r for submit region, C-c C-b for submit buffer, C-c C-x for
     goto .log; C-c C-y for goto .lst

   * ESS[S]: Pressing underscore ("_") once inserts " <- " (as before);
     pressing underscore twice inserts a literal underscore;
     ess-dump-filename-template-proto (new name!) now can be customized
     successfully (for S language dialects); Support for Imenu has been
     improved; set ess-imenu-use-S to non-nil to get an "Imenu-S" item
     on your menubar; ess-help: Now using nice underlines (instead of
     `nuke-* ^H_')

   * ESS[R]:  After (require 'essa-r), M-x ess-r-var allows to load
     numbers from any Emacs buffer into an existing *R* process; M-x
     ess-rdired gives a "directory editor" of R objects; fixed
     ess-retr-lastvalue-command, i.e. .Last.value bug (thanks to David

   * ESS: Support for creating new window frames has been added to ESS.
     Inferior ESS processes can be created in dedicated frames by
     setting inferior-ess-own-frame to t.  ESS help buffers can also
     open in new frames; see the documentation for ess-help-own-frame
     for details.  (Thanks to Kevin Rodgers for contributing code.)

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