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Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Thu Apr 1 17:04:46 CEST 2004

>Hi Fred
>I have the following in my init.el file and it appears to work 
>perfectly, i.e. I can comment and uncomment mulitple regions of text in 
>  different modes using the comment character defined for each mode 
>(e.g. "#" for R/S/S+ mode, ";" for lisp mode and so one and so forth).
>As noted in an earlier post on this thread, you need to select the 
>region you wish to uncomment (e.g. hit C-spc then use arrow keys or 
>select with mouse) before you apply the uncomment function.
>Hope this helps.
>;; Comment and uncomment text
>(defun uncomment-region (beg end)
>   "Uncomment a region of text"
>   (interactive "r")
>   (comment-region beg end -1))
>(global-set-key "\C-c;"      'comment-region)
>(global-set-key "\C-c:"      'uncomment-region)
>Fred J. wrote:

uncomment-region does not exist in xemacs.  So, for xemacs:
(global-set-key "\C-u\C-c:"      'uncomment-region)

Just for the record, comment-region doesn't work in ESS[SAS].  I've tinkered 
with it, but it seems to be confused by the fact that there are two different 
types of comments; one handled by the syntax table, the other by font-lock 
(actually there are 4, but whose counting).  Of course, it is very easy to 
bracket a region with '/*' and '*/' so I suspect that is why this problem has 
been over-looked.  

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