problems using SAS mode

Faheem Mitha faheem at
Fri Nov 21 07:15:17 CET 2003

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, A.J. Rossini wrote:

> Hmm... Are you getting ESS[SAS] in the modeline for the *.sas files?


> And assuming so, do
>     M-x ess-sas-local-unix-keys
> and see if you get:
> f10		ess-sas-toggle-sas-log-mode
> f11		ess-sas-goto-file-2
> f12		ess-sas-graph-view
> f2		ess-revert-wisely
> f3		ess-sas-submit
> f4		ess-sas-goto-sas
> f5		ess-sas-goto-log
> f6		ess-sas-goto-lst
> f7		ess-sas-goto-file-1
> f8		ess-sas-goto-shell
> f9		ess-sas-data-view
> as part of the key bindings?  (C-h b)

Yes. I get (right at the beginning)

Major Mode Bindings:
key             binding
---             -------

<f12>		ess-sas-graph-view
<f11>		ess-sas-goto-file-2
<f10>		ess-sas-toggle-sas-log-mode
<f9>		ess-sas-data-view
<f8>		ess-sas-goto-shell
<f7>		ess-sas-goto-file-1
<C-f6>		ess-sas-append-lst
<f6>		ess-sas-goto-lst
<C-f5>		ess-sas-append-log
<f5>		ess-sas-goto-log
<f4>		ess-sas-goto-sas
<C-f3>		ess-sas-submit-region
<f3>		ess-sas-submit
<f2>		ess-revert-wisely

contrary to what I said in a previous email. However, the F# keys still
don't behave the way the documentation says they should. Details available
on request.


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