SAS mode and indentation

Kasper Daniel Hansen K.Hansen at
Thu Jun 12 09:35:18 CEST 2003

On Thursday 12 June 2003 03:34, Rich Heiberger wrote:
> The answer is exactly what you guessed:
>   run;
> WHen you enter run; it is indented as the next line inside a
> Data; ...  run; sequence
> When you indent the run; line it moves to the margin and
> the system is ready to indent the next  proc; or data; step at the
> margin.

Thanks. I didn't guess I manually had to indent the run line. Has it been 
considered doing this automatically, like S mode process } on a single line? 
Or do everyone think that'll interfere with a style of writing like this
proc print data=test; run;
instead of
proc print data=test;

Perhaps this question ought to be added to the FAQ? I'll do that if anybody 
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