SAS mode and indentation

Kasper Daniel Hansen K.Hansen at
Wed Jun 11 16:09:33 CEST 2003


I'm using the latest version of ESS (I think). When I'm editing R files the 
indentation works wonderfully, however I have trouble using it when I indent 
SAS files. I use the configuration choice
 (setq ess-sas-edit-keys-toggle 0)

My problem is this: I want to write something like this
data test;
    set test;
    x = y;

data test2;
    set test;

When I want to finish the "block" consisting of the first data statement I 
want the point to return to the beginning of the line and the indentation to 
stop. Of couse I could just type M-x beginning-of-line but this would only 
solve the problem for the current line - if I press <RET> the next line I get 
is indented as before like

data test;
   set test;

   data test2

Is there a way around this, because I'm tires of pressing <backspace> four 
times in a row :) I'm guess I'm looking for something like M-x unindent-line. 
I might have overlooked something...

I guess it works better in R mode because you syntactically are able to know 
when eg. a function ends. This might be implemented in SAS be defining "run;" 
as an "end block" statement.
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