vim and R ?

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Thu Jan 30 17:07:32 CET 2003

>>>>> "FJ" == Fred Jopp <fjopp at> writes:

    FJ> we would like to build an interface that allows interactive
    FJ> R-programming under vim. From the documentation we do not understand
    FJ> *how* the connection between emacs and the Standard I/O of R, S/S-Plus,
    FJ> is made. Maybe someone has a hint, just as well as for the guess, if this
    FJ> could be done with Perl.

Someone else was looking at that.  Flattering that users of the evil
editor interface would try to emulate (I actually like the idea of
VIM's python interface, sigh...).

Seriously, Emacs has a sense of "controlling processes" based on I/O.
The equivalent in PYTHON (don't get me started about PERL and
write-only languages) would be to spawn off a process and control
stdin/stdout as appropriate.

Then it's just a matter of parsing, and any good editor ought to be
able to parse what is in it!  Best of luck!

(You _CAN_ run Emacs/ESS using VI keybindings.  I did, under VIPER,
a few years back just to prove to myself it could be done.  Of course,
programmers love to re-invent the wheel whenever possible, much
simpler than just using or improving a working solution).


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