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A.J. Rossini rossini at
Tue Jan 21 06:36:09 CET 2003

>>>>> "rod" == Rod Ball <rod.ball at> writes:

    rod> You are in luck. I have written a Genstat mode for gnu emacs,
    rod> which I am prepared to contribute, unsupported (I don't
    rod> currently have access to the unix version of Genstat), under
    rod> GPL license.

    rod> It is based on S-mode circa 1990, and uses comint.el, and
    rod> Genstat of similar vintage, and described in

    rod> \item Ball, R.D. 1994: Genstat mode for Gnu Emacs. {\it
    rod> Genstat Newsletter 30.}

    rod> I could send the file to anyone interested, or post it for
    rod> incorporation in ESS. Where is the appropriate place to post
    rod> it?

Send me a copy.  I'll put it on the ESS WWW site with your permission,
and subject to a general agreement to sign paperwork if/when we submit
ESS to the FSF (under the GPL), could work on integration.

Note that I don't know of anyone using GenStat, or have access, so
would need the cooperation of some people who do.


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