Problems calling S-Plus help

Riccardo Gusso rgusso at
Tue Jan 14 21:30:35 CET 2003

On Tuesday 14 January 2003 15:49, Rodney Sparapani wrote:
> you will need to add a line to your .emacs
>    (server-start)
> Check the documentation of xemacs to get the exact statement.
> Put the following two lines at the end of your init.el (they need to be
> there since it will fail if you have another instance of xemacs running;
> but you will still want to process all of the other statements):
> (gnuserv-start)
> (setq gnuserv-frame t)

Thanks a lot for your answer. I have added the two lines below to my init.el 
and the line (server-start) to my .emacs, but still I get the same message 
error. I have noticed that the Splus process inside Xemacs starts with the 
following options:

> options(STERM='iESS', editor='emacsclient', pager='emacsclient', 

I don't know if this is the same for you, since the two lines in init.el seem 
to be related to the use of gnuclient as help.pager. However I have tried to 
change that option inside the Splus process with the command 


and the to call an help, as for example


The result I have got is a frame with a description of the function, but in 
html code.
To try to start the server manually I have then launched emacs at the same 
time in which xemacs was running, and then I have typed 

M-x server-start 

inside emacs. Finally this forced the server to start; then  I have re-set 
the help.pager value to emacsclient  and I have called an help as before 
inside xemacs; the result was the opening in a frame inside emacs of the same 
description of the function in html code as before.
I am still trying to understand how these things work, so if you have any 
suggestion I will appreciate it a lot.
            Riccardo Gusso

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