GenStat from ESS

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Mon Jan 6 21:09:28 CET 2003

>>>>> "gerald" == Gerald Jean <Gerald.Jean at> writes:

    gerald> can GenStat be run from ESS?  If so could anyone provide the directives on
    gerald> how to do it?  I am running GenStat version 4.1 under Solaris 5.8, Emacs
    gerald> 20.7.1 and ESS 5.1.21.

Short answer: maybe, long answer: you'll have to program it up
yourself at this point.   See the essd/essl    -omg.el files for an
example (for the Omegahat interpreter).

Note that this assumes that GenStat is a command-line based language,
running from a terminal window, not a GUI'd construction (I've not
looked at GenStat in eons...).


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