Setting up ESS for Win2000

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Fri Jan 3 21:58:12 CET 2003

I came up with one more piece of information:  while emacs appears "hung",
the Rterm process is still running.  When I kill Rterm manually (via the
task manager), emacs returns to normal (with a message that the Rterm
process has terminated abnormally).

I would guess that emacs somehow fails to cause Rterm to quit normally, and
it is waiting for Rterm to stop.

I certainly have a very crude workaround for now (quitting with task
manager!), but if this bit of info helps, I would love any further ideas!



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>>>>> "jim" == Jim Garrett <Jim_Garrett at> writes:

    jim> Oops, I've encountered another problem.  I was indeed able to
start R, but
    jim> when I quit R, emacs froze.  After a little experimentation, this
seems to
    jim> occur only after I have created a plot in a graphics window.  (And
    jim> after I've closed the window.)

    jim> Specifically, I was running R fine, I created a plot, and I closed
the plot
    jim> window (I did this with every means I could think of:,
    jim> through the graphics window's file menu, and simply clicking on
the "close
    jim> window" Windows icon).  Then I entered "q()", entered "n" at the
    jim> workspace image?" prompt, and then emacs hung.

    jim> This does not happen if I have never created a plot.

Interesting.  Can any one else verify this, or try it under XEmacs?


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