Syntax highlighting in R (1.6.1) files autoloaded in Emacs (21.2) from desktop

Stephen Eglen eglen at
Wed Feb 12 21:29:28 CET 2003

As well as what Tony said, could it also be that in your init file,
the code to load up the desktop comes before the ESS initialisation

i.e. what happens if you do

% emacs -q

+ then load up the ESS code (require 'ess-site)
+ then load up your desktop?  (Also, what desktop facility within emacs
  are you refering to?  desktop.el?


 > > How to turn it on? If I run Emacs and it have R files stored in
 > > desktop file from previous session then syntax highlighting does not
 > > turned on (with C-x C-f loaded files it works OK). M-x ess-mode does
 > > not help and produce a message "Wrong type argument: syntax-table-p
 > > nil". Entering ess-mode after a child (inferior) R session is launched
 > > goes smoothly.
 > > What is wrong?
 > > Thanks in advance
 > It ought to be R-mode.  ess-mode is a generic function, which is
 > used by R-mode after variables and actions are set.  Does that help? 
 > I'm not sure what else is going on.

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