Multiple plots in differents graph sheets with S-Plus

Riccardo Gusso rgusso at
Sun Feb 9 00:41:25 CET 2003

I don't know if this is really an Ess related issue, but since I have
lost a lot of time trying to solve it, I hope no to be too much off
topic in asking this question.
The facts: as reported in the S-Plus Command Line Manual, when calling
commands that produce multiple plots, Windows version of S-Plus will
place each graph on a separate page of one graph sheet, while Unix
versions will plot each on the same graph sheet with each new plot
overriding the previous one. However, if I start my linux S-Plus
directly, I can choose from the options menu to override this setting
and to have the same behaviour as in Windows. The problem is when I call
the S+6 process with Ess from xemacs: in this case I don't really know
how to override this option. Perhaps the problem is the following, that
is another strange difference between the S+6 process and the stand
alone S-Plus: in the first case I cannot change the graphical device to
java.graph because I get this error: 

Problem in java.graph(): Can't create java.graph device, Java Virtual
Machine not available

and in fact the command is.jvm.running() return the false boolean value,
while the same command return the true value if used from stand-alone
Any suggestion will be very appreciated.

             Riccardo Gusso

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