html help

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Thu Dec 18 22:22:53 CET 2003

wow, that doesn't sound like fun.

Did you try C-g to cancel the lockup?  That often works.
You shouldn't have to kill R for what is most likely an Xemacs problem.

Here are several things I would like you to try and then report to us.
1. manually enter into the *R* buffer the line
help(lm, htmlhelp=T)

This should open up browser with the help file and also write the line
     help() for `lm' is shown in browser
in the *R* buffer.

2. where does the lockup happen?
Did you load the ess-htmlhelp.el beginning with the cursor in the *R*
buffer?  That is,
a. put the cursor in *R*
b. M-x load-file <RERURN> path/to/ess-htmlhelp.el <RETURN>
This should load the file.
c. Enter
into the *R* buffer.

Or did you read the lines in one at a time:
M-: (setq inferior-ess-help-command   "help(\"%s\", htmlhelp=TRUE)\n") <RETURN>
M-: (setq ess-help-kill-bogus-buffers t) <RETURN>

then enter
into the *R* buffer.


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