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Jonathan Baron <baron at> writes:

> On 12/17/03 10:56, A.J. Rossini wrote:
>>"Fox, Gordon" <gfox at> writes:
>>> If I run R in a terminal window and issue a help.start(), help(command)
>>> opens a browser window with the help file displayed properly.`
>>> If I run R under ESS in Xemacs and issue a help.start(), a browser window is
>>> opened but help(command) displays the help in an Xemacs buffer.
>>> I'm running R version 1.8.1 and Xemacs 21.4.12-6 on a Redhat Linux 9 box. I
>>> just updated the ESS package from yesterday in hopes that that
>>> might fix the problem; it didn't.
>>> Any suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks.
> What I do is to use my browser (Mozilla) for help.  I have a
> button on the personal toolbar (actually 3 buttons) point to the
> R html files on my local computer, /usr/local/lib/R/doc/html/,
> for example (if you install from source on Linux), and I just
> click these.  I find the html help much more useful than the text
> help because of the links from one help file to another.

It should be reasonably straightforward to implement in Emacs.  

However, I can't imagine getting to it before 2006.  Could you add it
to the ESS issue tracker ?

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