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Tue Dec 16 08:39:32 CET 2003

>>>>> "NaLi" == Na Li <nali at>
>>>>>     on Mon, 15 Dec 2003 16:16:37 -0600 writes:

    NaLi> On 15 Dec 2003, John Maindonald said:
    >> arise; they clearly relate to something that Choi's emacs does not like in
    >> the ess-site file.  I suppose I should have asked what the experience has
    >> been in using Choi's emacs with any version of Mac OS X.  John.

    NaLi> There is no Choi's Emacs.  Carbon Emacs is in the
    NaLi> official Emacs CVS and built out of box.  Plus Andrew
    NaLi> is no longer maintaining it.

    NaLi> There is something wrong with your .emacs file. Try
    NaLi> enable debugging.

    NaLi> I built X11 Emacs and Carbon Emacs from the same
    NaLi> source and ESS (5.1.24) works fine with both.

    NaLi> To use ESS with Carbon Emacs, you need do:

    NaLi> (setq process-connection-type t)

    NaLi> before, say, 'M-x R'.

    NaLi> Maybe it should be added to ESS? See Andrew's website
    NaLi> for discussion on this issue.

Ah, that's interesting.
Note that I can do
     emacs -q		{-q ~= --vanilla :  no initialization whatsoever}
ask for process-connection-type and it's always true (t) on both
Unix versions I've available (Solaris, Linux).

In other words, I think  your "OS_X emacs" should be configured
such that this is set to true early enough in order to behave
like other emacsen.

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