ESS on Panther

Na Li nali at
Mon Dec 15 23:16:37 CET 2003

On 15 Dec 2003, John Maindonald said:

>  arise; they clearly relate to something that Choi's emacs does not like in
>  the ess-site file.  I suppose I should have asked what the experience has
>  been in using Choi's emacs with any version of Mac OS X.  John.

There is no Choi's Emacs.  Carbon Emacs is in the official Emacs CVS and built
out of box.  Plus Andrew is no longer maintaining it.

There is something wrong with your .emacs file. Try enable debugging.

I built X11 Emacs and Carbon Emacs from the same source and ESS (5.1.24) works
fine with both.

To use ESS with Carbon Emacs, you need do:

(setq process-connection-type t)

before, say, 'M-x R'.

Maybe it should be added to ESS? See Andrew's website for discussion on this


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