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Mon Dec 15 22:25:38 CET 2003

I seem not to have copied my earlier message to the list.  Has anyone
successfully used Andrew Choi's emacs with ESS under Panther?

My .emacs works fine with the crippled emacs that comes with Apple's
Xcode, but has the same problem as Kieran's with Andrew Choi's emacs.

Is the folllowing an issue? I quote from To quote from the README.txt
that came with Andrew Choi's emacs (21.3.50):

This version of Emacs doesn't see the expected shell environment
variables. Because it's launched by the Finder, not by another Unix
shell process. Mac OS X does have a way around this issue: and you can
set environment variables for all Finder launched processes, including

You create a file ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist which has an dictionary
of environment variables in it, then you must log in again for it to
take effect. Then Emacs will see those environment variables. In this
manner you could make see, for example, a different PATH

John Maindonald.

On 16/12/2003, at 2:47 AM, Rodney Sparapani wrote:

>> Hi -
>> I upgraded to OS X 10.3 (Panther) and installed the carbon build of 
>> GNU
>> Emacs from
>> When I load it, attempting to initialize ESS in the normal way in my 
>> .emacs
>> -- (load "~/elisp/ess-5.1.24/lisp/ess-site") -- gives the following 
>> error:
>> An error has occurred while loading `/Users/kjhealy/.emacs':
>> Invalid read syntax: ?
>> Which is sadly not very informative to me :(
>> Is this a known problem? Any ideas how to fix it?
>> Thanks,
>> Kieran
> Kieran:
> Not a known problem.  I'm using Jaguar, but I haven't heard of any 
> problems with respect to Panther.  Two things to try besides Tony's 
> advice.  The version of GNU Emacs that you are using is an older beta. 
>  A more recent beta version is  See 
> for details.  Also, your version 
> of ESS is a little dated.  We haven't released a gamma since then, but 
> there is a more recent beta, 5.2.0beta3, at StatLib and the ESS web 
> page at
> Rodney
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