accelorator key for 'ESS - ESS Eval - Eval chunk'

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Fri Dec 5 13:14:46 CET 2003


When editing an Sweave (.Rnw) file, 
I can evaluate the current chunk
by clicking on 'ESS - ESS Eval - Eval chunk'.
Is there an accelorator key that I can use to do this?
If not, can I add code to my .xemacs file to create one?

I dont see an accelorator key mentioned in the drop down menu
even though accelorator keys are mentioned for most
other tasks e.g. eval region is shown as 'C-c C-r'.
('Eval thread' also doesnt show an accelorator key.)

As a follow-on issue, 'ESS - ESS Eval - Eval chunk'
asks 'Process to load into: R', something that I would
like to avoid answering each time I enter a new code chunk.
I asked about this before in relation to submitting one
line at a time (C-c C-n) and the code solution suggested 
by Stephen Eglen works fine for C-c C-n.
A similar solution for 'ESS - ESS Eval - Eval chunk'
would be ideal.

Setup details
Windows XP (NT 5.1) and 
Emacs  : XEmacs 21.4 (patch 6) "Common Lisp (Windows)" 
[Lucid] (i586-pc-win32) of Mon Dec 17 2001 on TSUNAMI
Package: ess-mode 5.1.24



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