Scrolling the iESS window

David Brahm brahm at
Thu Oct 31 23:18:29 CET 2002

Kevin Wright <kevin.wright at> wrote:
> I'm using Gnu Emacs 21.  When I have the frame split into two buffers
> (source code, inferior R) and I use C-c C-r to "eval region", the point
> stays in the source code buffer (as it should) and the region is evaluated.
> How can I make the inferior R buffer scroll automatically so that the bottom
> of the buffer is always visible?

This is crude, but seems to work:  Define a new key "C-c r" which runs
eval-region, ess-switch-to-end-of-ESS, and other-window.  To wit, in .emacs:

  (fset 'my-eval-region "\C-c\C-r\C-c\C-z\C-xo")
  (global-set-key "\C-cr" 'my-eval-region)

I'm sure the gurus will come up with something much more elegant!
                              -- David Brahm (brahm at
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