Preventing accidently killing *R* buffers

Stephen Eglen eglen at
Thu Oct 24 04:16:58 CEST 2002


Sometimes I'm a bit over-eager and end up killing an *R* buffer by
mistake when clearing up my buffer list (produced by C-x C-b).  I'd
like to add something to kill-buffer-hook so that I at least get asked
"Save workspace image? [y/n/c]" before the buffer is killed.  That
way, if I mean to kill the buffer, I first have to answer y.  Is there
a specific hook I can add my function to?  I saw that at the moment
there is ess-kill-buffer-function - perhaps that could have
a new variable ess-kill-buffer-hook?

Before I tackle this, anyone else got similar lisp to solve this
problem?  I also just noticed that even if I intentionally do M-x
kill-buffer on an *R* buffer, R doesn't exit cleanly (i.e.  the
/tmp/RtmpNNNN directories are not deleted, and doesn't offer me to
save the workspace).

best wishes,

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