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Thu Oct 24 00:10:13 CEST 2002

On Wed, 23-Oct-2002 at 03:23PM -0500, Wright, Kevin wrote:

|> All,
|> I just found a very useful bit of .emacs code from Tudor Hulubei and thought
|> I would share it here.  When the point is at the inferior-ess prompt, the up
|> arrow key recalls the previous item in the history list.  Otherwise, the
|> up-arrow key behaves normally.

That's a bonus for the lazy typist such as I.  I've previously had to
hold the Ctrl key at the same time to recall the history list.  The
easier things get, the easier we want them.

For the similarly lazy mouse scroller, I offer the following.

      (global-set-key [M-mouse-4] 'smart-comint-down)
      (global-set-key [M-mouse-5] 'smart-comint-up)

Behaves somewhat odd when not at point, but it's harmless.


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