ESS and S-PLUS on a Macintosh

Simon Jackman jackman at
Wed Oct 16 22:58:51 CEST 2002

best hope is perhaps R.  Emacs, ESS and R all sit comfortably together  
on my OS/X box, and have for well over a year now.

-- simon jackman

On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 12:06 PM, Rodney Sparapani wrote:

>> I wasn't thinking about the Intel vs PPC difference.  Is there
>> now a version of the Mac OS that runs on Intel hardware?
>> I don't know what Darwin, lxrun, and ELF are.
>> I don't currently have a Mac.  But would be interested in getting one,
>> either Intel or PPC, if I'd be able to run S+ and ESS.
> Darwin is the open source part of Mac OS X that has been ported to PPC  
> and Intel
> platforms.  It's mainly just the core of services like a Linux kernel.  
>  Other
> people have added the rest of the GNU/Linux stuff so you basically get  
> Linux
> without the Linux kernel (I know, it is confusing).  ELF is a standard  
> binary
> distribution type, but now that I think of it, Darwin probably doesn't  
> support
> it anyway since they use Mach-O binaries (again, more confusion).  So,  
> the short
> answer is that Mac OS doesn't exist on Intel, but the long answer  
> depends on
> what you really mean by Mac OS.  In any case, it doesn't appear that  
> you would
> be able to run S+ on Darwin for either Intel or PPC because of the ELF  
> vs.
> Mach-O difference in their binaries.  The only likely solution is if a  
> Mac OS X
> version of S+ was released.  Sorry to get your hopes up.
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