Comment and uncomment regions

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Thu Oct 10 23:42:38 CEST 2002

>>>>> "michael" == Michael J Manning <mj.manning at> writes:

    michael> Dear Tony and Rich
    michael> I have bound "TeX-comment-region" to "C-c;" and "Tex-un-
    michael> comment-region" to "C-c:".

    michael> I have noticed that these bindings fail to work, returning a 
    michael> "symbol's function is void:..." error if I start an R process under 
    michael> XEmacs without having opened and edited a *.tex file first. 

    michael> I guess that even though I think I am loading AucTeX when XEmacs 
    michael> starts up via "(load "tex-site")" in my init.el, and have bound the 
    michael> LaTeX comment functions to keys in the global map, the comment 
    michael> functions do not actually get loaded until LaTeX mode is started, 
    michael> which happens when a *.tex file is edited...

    michael> It occured to me to use the standard emacs command "comment-
    michael> region" in place of "TeX-comment-region", however I don't seem to 
    michael> have the command "uncomment-region" in my XEmacs, and "kill-
    michael> comment" kills the comment along with the line commented out 
    michael> rather than merely removing the comment character.

C-h f comment-region    

suggests that  if you bind "C-c ;" to comment region, that 
"C-u C-c ;" should un comment the region.

So, Rich's suggestions for binding should be useful, then the above
might work (please try it for me and report back!).


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