defining additional inferior programs

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Thu Oct 10 00:07:43 CEST 2002

For a quick ugly hack, use S+Elsewhere, running on the local host.
(or ESSelsewhere, can't recall which lets you "login" in the Emacs
shell -- then just start Rold...).


>>>>> "matthew" == Matthew Wiener <Wiener> writes:

    matthew> Hi, all.
    matthew> I've compiled R-1.6.0, but wanted to be able to work in both R's for a
    matthew> little while before switching over entirely. Not sure why, but there you
    matthew> are.    Consequently, I wanted to define a new inferior program.

    matthew> I tried (setq-default set-inferior-R6-program name  blahblahblah)

    matthew> It doesn't work.  However, if I reset the inferior S+3 program name to my
    matthew> R-1.6.0, it works.

    matthew> Clearly, the list of possible dialects is restricted.  It looks like this is
    matthew> handled in ess-cust.el.  I think I've found the blocks of code I'd need to
    matthew> change to make this work -- it's basically just adding the defcustom
    matthew> inferior-R6-program-name statement, plus maybe adding it in the dialect list
    matthew> -- but wanted to make sure I wouldn't be messing anything up.

    matthew> Obviously using S+3 to be R-1.6.0 is a perfectly good workaround.  But
    matthew> perhaps an Rold could be added?

    matthew> Thanks for any help.

    matthew> (Also, if I'm crazy not just to switch to R-1.6.0, please say so.  I'm not
    matthew> sure why I feel more cautious this time around.)

    matthew> Regards,

    matthew> Matthew Wiener
    matthew> RY84-202
    matthew> Applied Computer Science & Mathematics Dept.
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