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>>>>> "sten" == Sten Willemsen <Willemsen> writes:

    sten> I am new to ESS and this list andI am experiencing some
    sten> problems. Probably this has been asked before but I don't
    sten> know how to search the archives. I am using R 1.5.1 under
    sten> windows and using GNU Emacs. When I am working in iESS I
    sten> seem to be unable to load a package. That is even if I add
    sten> foreign to pkg. R still does not recognize read.spss().

I need much more in the way of detail.  You mean that


doesn't load?  Or when it loads, you can't do read.spss()?

This makes no sense, unless your R is broken.

Check to see if running Rterm.exe outside of Emacs has the same


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